Click This Link: How To Write a Dick on Sale for .99 at Amazon Thru November 24!

How to Write a Dick: A Guide for Writing Fictional Sleuths from a Couple of Real-Life Sleuths
on Sale for .99: Click here

Are you a writer developing a sleuth character or a private eye story? Or maybe you’re simply curious about the world of private investigators. How to Write a Dick, called “the industry standard for years to come,” is material culled from our combined going-on 16 years as private investigators, including information from online classes we’ve taught and writers’ workshops we’ve presented around the country.
Normally priced at $4.99, it’s currently on sale for .99 at Amazon through November 24! Call it our pre-holiday thanks-to-you-our-readers sale.
Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t need one. Amazon provides free, easy-to-download apps that let you read the book right on your PC, Mac and other devices.


Praise for How to Write a Dick 

“I was clueless about PIs but I had a plot that wouldn’t leave me alone without a detective character. The title of this one made it a no-brainer to check out, and it looked promising so I bought it. It was really helpful to me.”
“If you want authenticity in creating a fictional private investigator for your stories, then this is a must-have reference book. Its authors, Colleen and Shaun, are living breathing PIs with years of actual experience in the PI game.”
“I’m an experienced writer, but I’m new to mystery and suspense. How to Write a Dick is exactly the kind of reference I need…”
“This is an excellent resource for writers who want to get up to speed quickly on the art and science of private investigation.”
To purchase your less-than-a-buck copy of How to Write a Dick, click here.


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